“It’s very flexible and you get everything in a single program”

Nordkonsult in Luleå are technical consultants mainly focused on machine design. The company started in autumn 2014 and its customers include LKAB, ABB, and Gestamp Hardtech. For a smaller consulting company, it was important to have a cost-effective time reporting system while at the same time it needed to be flexible because the company may need to carry out staffing with temporary resources for larger assignments, according to Magnus Brännström, co-owner and finance manager.

Why did you choose Retendo?

“We made the choice between 3–4 different systems. We mainly wanted a complete cloud-based service. We also wanted an invoicing module in the time reporting system. We probably chose Retendo because it was an overall solution in which expenses and other things could go out directly on invoices and be controlled in different projects. Then, of course, it was also a question of price.”

What are Retendo’s strengths for you as a smaller company?

“The cost per user is relatively low and you can get up and running quickly. If you’re going to purchase a system that you’ll own, manage and perhaps develop to some extent, the cost will be completely different. Retendo provides the features that we need and at the same time you’re not committed to anything, which means that, as a smaller company, you don’t need to take great risks. You don’t need to be sure that this is the best system and you can take your time with testing and evaluating it.”

In what way will the system help you to be more efficient?

“Previously, we posted time in one system and invoiced in another. It required more administration and there was a greater risk of errors. Now we have time reporting, expense management and invoicing in the same system, we’ll be more efficient while at the same time the risk of errors is reduced since we have everything combined in one system.”

What are the three main benefits?

“As far as we’re concerned, it’s the fact that it’s a complete cloud-based service. We don’t need to run our own backups and we don’t own the system. It’s also very flexible in terms of the number of users. You can grow quite a lot and change from one month to the next. The third and most important benefit is one that the other systems didn’t really have: the fact that time reporting, expense management and invoicing are combined in a single system.”

What do you think of the introduction and support?

“The support works well. You get more or less immediate support if you have any questions. They’re easy to get hold of and always respond quickly. As far as the introduction is concerned, I started with a test login and a demo, but it’s always difficult, regardless of the system, to get an idea in a demo of exactly how it’ll work in your own business. But, there again, you have the advantage that you’re not taking any great risk and you can start with just one user for a month if you want.”

Nordkonsult i Luleå AB

We provide qualified technical consulting services to technology and industrial companies in the region.

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