Retendo Business has been on the market for almost 20 years. Its important features for both small and large companies have been under continuous development during that time.

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Efficient time accounting

Time accounting should be smooth and simple and should at the same time provide an overview of the working week. With Retendo Business, time reporting can take place in any place at any time. You can use the system on your computer, mobile phone or tablet and you yourself can choose whether reporting takes place weekly or monthly. For a complete overview and supporting data for salaries, you also report absences, such as holidays and illness, as well as flexible time, additional time and overtime. You can enter internal and external notes in the system and both project managers and managers can certify the accounts in any order. You can receive reminders by email or text message when it’s time to submit your timesheet or certify.

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Expenses and travel expenses

Staff report subsistence allowance, mileage allowance, expenses and representation in the system on a continuous basis and project managers and managers certify in any order. There is no need for you to keep track of what to invoice or to worry about losing important reports – the system takes care of everything for you. When it’s time for salary payments, you have all the supporting data in the system.

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Contract management

There are many different ways of charging for services and products, from continuous pricing or fixed prices to payment plans or recurring subscription invoicing. Retendo Business has taken this into account and supports the vast majority of contract types. Sometimes multiple contract types are used in a single project. Even this is easy to manage in the system. All regular hourly rates can easily be adjusted subsequently and it is possible to enter framework agreement prices for different roles for customers and in framework agreement projects.

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It is important to be able to invoice quickly and accurately. Retendo Business helps you with that. Continuously certifying everything to be invoiced minimises delay and means that invoices can be created directly in the system as soon as the last invoice has been certified. Either centrally via the finance function, decentralised by the project manager or a mix of both models. Once an invoice has been created, it can also be sent to project managers and managers for certification and, during printing, the PDF invoice can be automatically emailed to the customer if so required. Ready-made invoices can easily be exported to the financial system – either as an invoice with invoice lines or as ready-made accounting orders.

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Resource planning

Retendo Business makes it easy to plan staffing and resources. The planned allocation of staff can be entered in each project and you can see expected utilisation and income for each person and assignment. The feature also shows whether there are sufficient resources, which employees are over-allocated and whether any project needs to be postponed.

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Project portfolios

Retendo Business makes it easy to keep things in order even when you have a large number of projects in progress. By dividing projects into different project portfolios, you obtain an easy overview of the timetable with milestones, decision points and dependencies, as well as a follow-up of budgets, staffing, outcomes and forecasts.

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Project management

There is support for project planning (Gantt schedules), to-do lists, and document management for companies that implement their own projects. The project module provides the project manager with a complete overview and control over all aspects of the project. It also provides employees with a joint platform for cooperation.

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Management reports

The system has a large number of integrated reports that can be used for better monitoring and management of the company. If you have specific needs, our integrated report generator allows you to easily produce statistics for the dimensions you want by classifying customers, projects and staff.

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All organisations are run under different conditions. For that reason, the system can be adapted for specific customers if necessary, for example by adding specific bonus calculations or classification of customers, staff and projects for better follow-up on statistics.

There are a large number of monitoring views included but, because all organisations are different, there is a general report generator that allows you to create reports according to your specific needs.

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You can obtain supporting data for salary systems and financial systems in the form of reports at any time. However, in order to make processes more efficient and minimise errors, it is possible to integrate with salary systems, financial systems, CRM systems or decision-support systems. There are ready-made connections to Fortnox, Hogia, Visma, Microsoft Navision and others.

If you require other integrations, there is a general feature to subscribe to any events you want, such as new or changed customers and projects.