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About us

Retendo are specialists in cloud-based workforce planning systems for higher education institutions and project systems for companies of all sizes. Our solutions provide higher education institutions with complete workforce planning systems with all the necessary peripheral features and project-oriented companies with everything from time accounting and invoicing to a fully customisable business solution.

You will always feel secure with Retendo’s solutions. We have been in existence since 2001 and offer solid support by phone and email. In addition, the connection to our server is encrypted and is just as secure as online banking. In short, Retendo is perfect for anyone who wants to be in full control of administration in a way that is as simple as possible and doesn’t cost the earth.

What does “Retendo” mean?

The word “Retendo” is Latin and means “to relax” or “to de-stress”, which characterises the way our customers feel: they can trust that they are in good hands.

Retendo is also the name of an advanced turn in white-water canoeing, a sport that requires great flexibility and an ability to adapt in order to navigate wild rapids as well as an ability to make quick decisions according to how a situation develops. White-water canoeing also requires concentration, an ability to withstand stress and experience. We think these qualities characterise our business: Retendo is a company that adapts to changes in the surrounding environment. We are also a company with short decision-making pathways and employees with solid expertise and experience. Quite simply, a partner you can trust.

Environmentally-smart computer operation

Retendo’s server halls comply with the Triple Green environmental certificate. Triple Green is an uncompromising environmental certification. No blah blah blah – just climate-smart.

  • Electricity from renewable energy sources
  • The heat from the servers is collected and used for heating
  • That heating replaces other types of energy, which results in an overall saving

Our quality policy

Our clear, structured quality management enables us to guarantee that the customer will receive the requested software and services and that they will be of high quality.

Our environmental policy

Retendo endeavours to ensure that all our operations have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

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Retendo Business – Triple Green Certified